The Shakey Baby Rattle Teether Toy™️

The Shakey Baby Rattle Teether Toy™️

The Shakey Baby Rattle Teether Toy™️

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The Rattle Teether Toy is the toy your baby will never leave behind.

✔️ Keeps them entertained for HOURS. More time for YOU, more FUN for them.
✔️ Its a sensory toy that stimulates SIGHT, SOUND and TOUCH!
✔️ Nursery rhymes and songs for your little one to dance or sleep to (depending on their mood).
✔️ Interactive features that responds to movement and touch.

The teether toy responds to your baby's movements, each movement creating a different sound and light pattern.

✔️ Entertaining  — Watch on as your little one giggles with joy! The combination of sounds and colours make them very happy

✔️ No More Teething Pain — The rattle comes with pacifier bunny ears. Ready to be gnawed by your little one. Helping to reduce baby anxiety and provide relief from teething pain so they can have a sound, restful sleep.

✔️ Unbelievably Durable — Made with thick ABS material that is BPA-free and free from other nasty chemicals for your peace of mind and safe playtime.

✔️ Fast-Track Their Hand-eye Coordination—  The perfect size and weight to assist in improving fine motor skills.

✔️ Take Me Anywhere & Everywhere — Perfectly-sized and conveniently portable, making it the perfect traveling companion for your little one.

✔️ A Gift They Will Cherish — A memorable gift for that special little someone in your life, one they will cherish for a long time.

✔️ 60-Day Warranty — We stand by our products. That's why we provide you with a 60-day warranty. So, for the next 60 days, if there is any problem with the product, we will replace it for you.


Your peace of mind, their entertainment.

No more chewing on harmful chemicals. An incredible toy that will keep them entertained while addressing their teething pains.

Boost your child's development early in life.

As parents, we want the best for our kids. What better way than to give your little one that headstart in life? Amongst these buttons are interactive songs, games and learning tools. It even includes a fun whack-a-mole game that is aimed at improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Introducing these concepts early in life is a must to gaining a headstart in their early development. If you knew you could give them that extra push, would you?

Perfectly-sized for little hands.

The rattle is perfectly-sized for little hands which makes it easy for them to grasp and play with.  It will effortlessly fit in your nappy bag. Oh, and the volume-adjustable design allows you to set the volume at a certain level.

The best solution to teething pains.

We know little ones go through teething pains, so we designed our rattle with bunny ears that are safe to chew. Making teething times a little less painful for you and your little one.

Durable and shock-resistant.

Our rattle is made from super durable, BPA-free plastic that can withstand some of the heaviest falls (or of the craziest tantrums). So you don't have to worry if the rattle is thrown around from time to time.


The Rattle Teether Toy is programmed with 6 nursery rhymes:

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Old Mac Donald Had A Farm

Yankee doodle

Jingle Bells

Little Rabbit

Percussion Music

Features & Benefits:

  • 6 pre-installed songs
  • Night light
  • Teething aide
  • Touch responsive bunny ears
  • Pacifier ears

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