Rocky the Hedgehog Tumbler

Rocky the Hedgehog Tumbler

Rocky the Hedgehog Tumbler

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Introducing the Hedgehog Tumbler, a one-of-a-kind toy that will enthrall and captivate your little one.

✔️ Super Fun— The Hedgehog Tumbler is a high-quality, bright and engaging toy that your little one will enjoy immensely. Hear their happy laughter as they enjoy the pleasant musical sounds made by the toy. 

✔️ Teething Toy— Little ones love to bite during their teething period. We understand this and have designed this toy to the perfect bite buddy for your child!

✔️ Extremely Durable— Built with ABS plastic, the toy is built to last very long. The thick material makes it a tough nut to crack!

Super Fun Learning Toy

The Hedgehog Tumbler is a high-quality product that will guarantee your child’s happiness every time they play with it. The toy makes pleasant musical sounds in moderate volume when rocked back and forth. Moreover, the toy will help build your child’s motor skills. It is the perfect size to fit in the hands of your little one.

Safe Teething Toy

Little ones love to grind their teeth during their very young growing years. The Hedgehog Tumbler could be the perfect bite buddy for your little one! We have designed the toy to be completely eco-friendly, chemical-free and odourless so that using it is an absolutely safe and enjoyable experience for your little one.

Extremely Durable and Shock-Resistant
The toy is built with thick ABS plastic that makes it very durable and hard to break.

Package Contents

  • 1x Rocky the Hedgehog Tumbler™ 
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