Development Drum

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The Development Drum improves hand and eye coordination and increases intelligence by challenging your baby through sounds and shapes.

It can be combined to make one drum or split into 3 different sections, each with its own brain developing function.

1. Hand Drum Head

The Hand Drum Head plays over 40 different sounds ranging from piano keys, drums, animal noises and more. When the baby pats the drum it lights up with 3 different colours.

2. Shape Block Puzzle

The middle section challenges your baby's shape recognition ability whilst also sharpening the baby's hand-eye coordination.

3. Turntable

The turntable has parts that move, shake, bounce and roll. Your baby will be amazed at the sounds whilst developing hand and finger strength. 

The Development Drum is a toy that all babies need to help give them a head start in their development. It's the perfect gift for loved ones.

Package Includes:
  • 1x Development Drum

Age: 0-3 Years olds